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Blakstone – Crafts creates wood work and art work with homeless and disadvantage people from South Africa, Cape Town. We provide the material and our talented artist powered by passion and love create beautiful work. We believe, that anyone who has a talent should have a platform to display. Blakstone – Crafts provides that platform for some homeless and disadvantaged Africans who want to display their talents. in doing so, they take their chance to generate some income in order to survive. And we have also our environment in mind as we believe in recycling and restoring. That’s why we use for our wood work, pallets and other wood, what can be restored and refurbished.

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Blakstone – Crafts

Art Bags by Blakstone

Our Art Bags are unique and we are happy, that our talented artist have a new and never been there before opportunity, to display their art. If you interested in our Art Bags please do not hesitate and we will be happy to assist.

Blakstone transforms to Blakstone – Crafts

Blakstone was founded in 2017 and we started out with the idea to deliver fire wood to our surroundings by bicycle. We wanted to do something different and always having mother earth and our carbon footprints in mind.  But it did not stop there. We figured that we have too many homeless or disadvantaged people living in our city craving for a opportunity to earn some money in order to create a better life. So we made that to our task.

Wood work by Blakstone – Crafts

Blakstone creates furniture out of pallets or wood which can be restored and refurbished. With the help of our team of homeless and disadvantaged people we are able to do nearly anything. If you wish your old cupboard to look like brand new again.

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Blakstone – Crafts @ Gold Restaurant

Have you ever been to the Gold Restaurant? Somehow even as a local we sometimes miss out on things to do in your own City. So why not having an entertaining dinner experience with music, dance and a culinary journey throughout the African continent. In the hearts of Cape Town, just at the border, Waterkant…

Junior and Phillip

Junior and Phillip – our inspiration for creating the platform for talented homeless and disadvantaged street artist. We saw their talent while they were busy selling their art to make some money to survive. Cape Town is a tourist attraction and provides possibilities for street artist to sell their art to tourist wandering within our…