Blakstone – Crafts visits Mama Rosie and the kids

Recently we visited Mama Rosie and her children from Baphumelele in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

But before we headed in direction to Mama Rosie, we went for shopping, as we had the beautiful opportunity to bring also food. We bought vegetables, fruits and 30 kg chicken. But we could only do so, because of our friends from Germany who were so generous to donate money for the shopping.

We had also in our mind to have some fun with the kids with bringing some colors for painting. The colors we chose are our south African colors like, black, green, white, yellow, blue and red.

As soon as we arrived some of the older boys helped us to bring the groceries to one of the several houses so that they could be distributed to all the house mamas taking care of the 107 kids in total.

We had the chance after the groceries were stored, to create beautiful Blakstone – Crafts Art Bags with 9 of the older Kids between 14 and 17 years old.

But the little ones (age 6-10) also had an opportunity to express their art by having fun and getting a bit dirty. Because their hands and feet were covered in paint. We had a big jute fabric, which we spread on the floor and after a shy start, the kids went wild. They created a beautiful hand and foot print picture which we still contemplate if we should offer it as a whole picture or if we should cut it up and make bags out of it, maybe you can help us to decide.

The creations of the older Kids turned out stunning, they painted the bags with a message of love and each of the teens were brave enough to speak a wish for the potential buyer.

Obviously, we hope that those bags been sold, so that we can donate back money for Baphumelele.

If you are interested in Mama Rosie”s orphanage and you want to help her and the kids with direct donations you can either go on her website or get in contact with us and we can be of assistance as well.

Thank you and give us your comments what you think we should do with the big picture!

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