Junior and Phillip

Junior and Phillip – our inspiration for creating the platform for talented homeless and disadvantaged street artist. We saw their talent while they were busy selling their art to make some money to survive. Cape Town is a tourist attraction and provides possibilities for street artist to sell their art to tourist wandering within our scenic city but it is not easy, if you do not have a space designated from the city council in order to sell your art.

Many art and crafts merchants as well as artist can be seen at the usual spots like Greenmarket Square or within the Companies Garden. Junior and Phillip do not have a spot within the city. They create their art in a park in a suburb called Gardens. We saw them and thought that their art should have a platform to be discovered but not in a normal Gallery way, we came to this idea to let them paint on a bags. And so the Art bag by Blakstone – Crafts was born. And with this idea we see Junior and Phillip as our pioneers to also help us to help themselves and others who are in need.

A big thank you Junior and Phillip we are happy that we could discover your art and be a part of it.

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