Blakstone – Crafts Art Bags goes wild @ Featherbed Nature Reserve

If you like our bags above and you like to see or buy them in a store, you have a chance to do so, in Knynsa at the Featherbed nature reserve shop.

We are very happy to announce that our product range is been take up by the Featherbed Charming Tresures Shop. We are extremely pleased that our homeless and disadvantaged artists have a further platform and opportunity to display their art and earn some income.

Maybe a good tip if you plan your next weekend or holiday road trip, to make a stop at the Featherbed nature reserve. You won’t be disappointed to have visited the beauty of this nature reserve. First, you enjoy a 25-30 minute boat trip along the Knysna estuary, you pass the Knysna waterfront and 2 islands on our second largest wetland here in South Africa. As soon you arrived on the western peninsula you embark on a truck ride up the hills of the nature reserve. Now you have breathtaking views over the Knysna lagoon and the Featherbed nature reserve. If you like sustainable tourism, you are at the right place, because while you stop to take beautiful pictures you can also shoot seed balls and help to get the vegetation diverse growing after the devastating fire in June 17. After this short stop its only a short ride further before you have the optional non difficult walk of 2,2 km downwards most of the time. The view is absolutely stunning and you won’t forget this excursion. Especially if you have booked this eco experience with the lunch option. You will enjoy a scrumptious buffet with a lot of South African dishes and deserts. Just yummy! And before you leave, enjoy a stroll to the newly opened shop and you will find a selection of our Blakstone Crafts bags there. Enjoy your trip to Knysna Featherbed nature reserve, you will see it’s absolute worth it.

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