Blakstone – Crafts @ Gold Restaurant

Have you ever been to the Gold Restaurant?

Somehow even as a local we sometimes miss out on things to do in your own City. So why not having an entertaining dinner experience with music, dance and a culinary journey throughout the African continent.

In the hearts of Cape Town, just at the border, Waterkant to Green Point you will find in a red brick building, a different dining experience. The Gold restaurant is always well visited, so a booking in advance makes defiantly sense. Also the tourist industry has figured, that this spacious restaurant on several levels is a good spot to celebrate fare well dinners for groups African style.

The menu is mouthwatering and the food is presented beautifully, they pay a lot attention to detail. But not only food wise, also the African decoration everywhere shows African spirit. The African Art is not only tasted on your taste buds, no – you see it everywhere. The the plates and bowls, the colourful serviettes (which sometimes mysteriously disappear), Pictures of majestic African woman and just the little decorations everywhere. Some of the Art you find also in the little shop, and if you have a look, you will also discover our Blakstone – Crafts Art Bags.

A visit to the Gold Restaurant should be defiantly marked in your calendar. And as a local or tourist, if you don’t like the big buzz, mark it for the winter days, so you ca check out the winter menu and it will be easier to get a table.

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