Art Backpacks South Africa

We are very happy that you are interested in our Art Backpacks please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we gladly assist you to get the perfect Art Backpack for you. We are looking forward to hear from you, your Blakstone – Crafts team

Here some information about our Art Backpacks by Blackstone – Crafts

Our white Art Backpack by Blakstone – Crafts is made of cotton with two fabric slings for a comfortable wear on the back. The backpack offers a little inside- as well a little outside-pocket. With the adjustable cord string you can keep your goodies safe inside.

Our brown and white Art Backpack by Blakstone – Crafts, partly made of cotton and of jute fabric with one adjustable sling for an easy fit on your back. Also this backpack offers a little inside- as well a little outside-pocket and with the adjustable cord string you can keep your belongings safe inside.

I you like to buy a bag, just click on the picture below.

Check out our blogs below for more information about our artists

Junior and Phillip

Junior and Phillip – our inspiration for creating the platform for talented homeless and disadvantaged street artist. We saw their talent while they were busy selling their art to make some money to survive. Cape Town is a tourist attraction and provides possibilities for street artist to sell their art to tourist wandering within our…

Blakstone – Crafts visits Mama Rosie and the kids

Recently we visited Mama Rosie and her children from Baphumelele in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. But before we headed in direction to Mama Rosie, we went for shopping, as we had the beautiful opportunity to bring also food. We bought vegetables, fruits and 30 kg chicken. But we could only do so, because of our friends…

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