Art Bags by Blakstone-Crafts

Our Art Bags are unique and we are happy, that our talented artist have a new and never been there before opportunity, to display their art.

That said, we have so many talents living in our streets struggling for a better life. We know that we cant help the whole world at once, but we can make a change around our little world we live in. Therefore we decided, that we want to support also different “social hot topics” like street kids, foster homes, abused woman organisations, animal shelters and many more besides our homeless and disadvantaged people in general.

Also our artist and our projects will be featured always with a blog, so if you subscribe you always know whats new and whats happening.

If you interested, go up to our drop down menu and select your type of bag and the country and browse along. Please do not hesitate and we will be happy to assist you to get the perfect Art Bag for you, if you drop us a message via contact or send us a WhatsApp. If you have found a bag you like, just scan via snapscan or go on the paypal button and swoosh the bag is yours. We deliver within Cape Town for a delivery fee, everywhere else within South Africa we will send it via courier or post on your account. Just contact us so we can arrange everything for you and give you all the details.

We are looking forward to hear from you, your Blakstone – Crafts team

Useful tips for keeping the Art alive

Your bag is unique and special, it is a piece of art and should also be treated like that. To keep your bag long lasting you should know some limits. Of course you can use your bag everyday, just be aware, that it is not made out of ostrich leather as it is fabric and fabric can experience wear and tear. As it is art and painted with Acrylic paint, it could be fatal to leave the bag exposed to flames or extreme heat. The paint is water resistant but washing the bag in a washing machine or even hand wash is a No Go! You can use a wet wipe or a damp cloth to clean the bag on those parts where there is no paint.

Our little cotton bags can be used as Kindle or tablet bags or you use it as a gift bag or for your jewelry, etc.

Our sling bags can be used for documents, tablets or small laptops. Nothing too heavy.

Our backpacks are for easy use but not for heavy carry.

Our shopping bag can carry a lot, up to 3 kg.

Our handbag is happy to carry whatever a woman needs.

And most important: Show your bag, because Art wants to be seen!

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