Art Shopping Bag by Blakstone – Crafts ft. Junior

Blakstone – Crafts Art Shopping Bag ft. Junior

Junior is our artist who painted this Shopping Bag but he is also our inspiration to establish this project. Junior is originally from Malawi and since 2010 he tries to survive within Cape Town streets. As it is very difficult for him to find a stable job within his actual profession as a chef, he is dependent from odd and bad paid day jobs. But at least his second passion to paint, brings also a small relieve for the daily struggle.

Thank you so much for supporting Junior and the project with your decision to buy this bag.

Blakstone – Crafts Art Shopping Bag ft. Junior

The price for the Art Shopping Bag is 450,00 ZAR

And this is how it works:
Choose your bag, get in contact with us to make double sure that your bag is still in stock and as soon as we also have spoken about delivery or shipping details us you can pay either easy via SnapScan or via instant money transfer or EFT.

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