About us & our transformation

We transform our products – as the world changes

About Blakstonecrafts

Blakstone was founded in 2017 and we started out with the idea to deliver fire wood to our surroundings by bicycle. We wanted to do something different and always having mother earth and our carbon footprints in mind. After a while we came to the conclusion that those paraffin fire starter can’t be good for our health, so we did some research and we found a healthy solution. Our nutty Firestarter and our pinecone fire starter.

But it did not stop there. We figured that we have too many homeless or disadvantaged people living in our city craving for a opportunity to earn some money in order to create a better life.

So we decided to make a difference in someone’s live and it did not take long and we found talented people to create beautiful work.

So we started with wood work by Blakstone and their is no limit in creating. We decided also to use for our creations pallet wood and wood which can be restored and refurbished.

And again it did not stop there either, we encountered the possibility to create something special and unique and our Art Bags by Blakstone idea was born. Each bag is unique and never been seen before. We are so happy that we can now also work with homeless artist who create those beautiful paintings on our Art Bags by Blakstone.

So everything came together perfectly and so we decided that the name Blakstone – Crafts covers every aspect of our creations.

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